The Law of the heart

I believe that the following statement or definition of the law of the heart in the sense of emotion and faith is the most correct. Gabriel Gonsalves the founder of The Institute of heart intelligence define it as follows.

"Within your heat there a treasure, or seed containing the destiny you are here to manifest. This treasure lies dormant within you, already accomplished only awaiting expression in the physical realm by virtue of your perception of it, the choices you make, and the actions you take from a united state of heart and mind." 

According to this philosophy, your heart is the second intelligence centre and the headquarters of emotional energy and if this two mind in heart unites it leads to inspired decisions, inspired action.
We all know those moments of deciding moment of action to be taken and I like the idea that such action must not only make sense but is need to feel right an united state of heart and mind. It creates the mindset to achieve and to change.

Please leave your comments and questions as we all learn from each other and that is the recipe of growth.

Willie Beetge


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