Recipe of Transformation

In Previous posts we have talked a lot about change, breaking the Matrix and successful creations through faith. We talked about the Law of the heart as seen by Gabriel Gonsalves. Today I would like to talk about the ingredients you need to bake this wonderful transformation cake. 
Everything is available to you.
With a little practice your world can change, your broth will stew to a wonderful outcome. Now before we start we need to know that we have to clean the kitchen before during and after of all limitations that stand like mountains in our way. 

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Large bucket of perseverance (21 days at least)One or two hell yeah Transformation goalsAn Abundance of unconditional loveList of at least 5 affirmationsUnlimited gratitudeMore love and joyful emotionsBox of matchesMindset (faith) Love and GratitudeExpectancy and a large mould to fill …

Escape the matrix 2

Slaves of the media The Matrix EnslavementThe secret of subconscious manipulation is a well-known practice used by the Media, Governments and large organisations. 

They prefer that we, the general public, do not understand the subconscious mind. Empowerment of this secret power is a threat to their existence or at least so they think.  In my previous Article "escape the matrix" I discuss the subconscious mind and how it function. It might be a good idea to read that first.
What do we know?The subconscious mind changes behaviour and forms new belief systems through repetition. It normally takes 21 days to form a brand new belief.
We also know that the subconscious mind does not know the difference between reality and imagination.
Keeping these two in mind while we investigate how they manipulate us.
The Media and advertising. I just had to use this advertisement I love Nando ads.
You will notice that these ads are strategically placed within certain time frames, and will run on this…

escape the matrix 1

"Yes, theybrainwash you with images and words until your subconscious change belief. Governments use this, the rich and famous use it. Churches use it. It is the basis of propaganda the modern enslavement."  What do we know about the subconscious mind?In my quest for the real power within I realised that the patterns of my thoughts create my reality. This lead to my next question. What is this subconscious mind?
Let us look at the things we already know about this Power Mind about his behaviour and control he has over us. But before I continue I would like to ask the following question:

Did God make a mistake creating this power mind within us?
If not Why do the religious leaders condemn the teachings and theories of this mind? I am just asking and would like to hear your opinion on this.

What do we know about the subconscious mind? The picture summarizes the actions and functions of the two.  But we also know the following:
1) The Subconscious mind never switches off.It does not s…

Unconditional love

In my search to rebuild myself and those around me, I found this article and I cannot say it better at this stage. 

I do believe that the greatest of all is love. If we look at definitions in dictionaries and philosophical writings all descriptions of love seems to be confused with sexual lust.
The power of the emotion never seems to matter. Please read this and give me feedback. Remember to like us on facebook
Unconditional Love"The greatest power known to man is that ofunconditional love. Through the ages, mystics, sages, singers and poets have all expressed the ballad and call to love. As humans, we have searched endlessly for the experience of love through the outer senses. Great nations have come and gone under the guise of love for their people. Religions have flourished and perished while claiming the true path to love. We, the people of this planet, may have missed the simplicity of unconditional love. . . "Simply stated, unconditional love is an unlimited way of being.…

Faith a state of mind

Faith the size of a mustard seedAll the religions that I have investigated talk about faith, about the power it has. 
I remember been taught that 
"if you only have the faith of a mustard seed you can move mountains"
So as an inquisitive mind I asked the question what is faith and how can I get some of it? Napoleon Hill describes faith as the head chemical in our minds, he goes on saying that faith is a state of mind induced by affirmations.
So if this is true: it means that faith is always present and is always moving mountains.

The faith that we have will then be changeable through affirmations, Either deliberately or by default. Now affirmations are the things we hear, experience and I almost want to say life.When we wake up every morning our state of mind drives us, remove the mountains, out of our way.
Poor mans faithIf a poor man living in poverty wakes up he knows (have faith) that today he will work his fingers to the bone. He knows that tonight he will return exhausted…