Faith a state of mind

Faith the size of a mustard seed

All the religions that I have investigated talk about faith, about the power it has. 

I remember been taught that 

"if you only have the faith of a mustard seed you can move mountains"

So as an inquisitive mind I asked the question what is faith and how can I get some of it?
Napoleon Hill describes faith as the head chemical in our minds, he goes on saying that faith is a state of mind induced by affirmations.

So if this is true: it means that faith is always present and is always moving mountains.

The faith that we have will then be changeable through affirmations, Either deliberately or by default. Now affirmations are the things we hear, experience and I almost want to say life.
When we wake up every morning our state of mind drives us, remove the mountains, out of our way.

Poor mans faith

If a poor man living in poverty wakes up he knows (have faith) that today he will work his fingers to the bone. He knows that tonight he will return exhausted. That he might have a piece of bread to eat. And so he does. His faith moves the mountains of prosperity from his road, it removes mountains of abundance out of his way.

Rich mans faith

At the same time when a rich and prosperous man or woman wakes up, they know (have faith) that today they will live in abundance, they will eat and feast at restaurants. They will create more abundance and so they do. Their faith (state of mind) move the mountains of poverty from their minds, it removes the mountains of struggle from their paths.

In my own life, I experienced the power of this state of mind. I had this state of mind of falling and so I did. 
When I reached "rock bottom" the faith within me did not change. 
I reached for my toolbox and found a hammer and a chisel and broke my way to the basement of "rock bottom. 
Here I found a room filled with emptiness, a room without light. I see and affirmed this state of nothing and I became nothing. 
After a few weeks, I remembered the teachings that I learned as a child, teachings that told me that I must always be grateful for what I have. 

So I searched in this dark empty room for something that I can be thankful for. But the room was empty at first I could not find a reason to have gratitude. 

This continued until I realized that I was breathing, I realized that this room was filled with an abundance of life-supporting particles. 
I saw the abundance around me in this dark room and I could not see the dark anymore. 
I showed my gratitude at first for the oxygen for the source of abundance that filled this room. The room was not empty anymore, I have changed my mindset, my faith. 

I saw this once empty room as a room filled with energy with vibrating particles. I saw and experienced the feeling of joy, a joy because the room was filled. 

Gratitude the most powerful tool

I showed gratitude to myself to my mind for seeing this, gratitude for my heart that could feel this. 

I stood up with a new mindset a new faith that burned like a fire within my heart. 

The emotions of sadness and fear moved from my chest and made a place for emotions of love and feelings of joy

These feelings attached to my thoughts and became my new found faith my calling and my purpose.

We always have faith

From this I learned that we do always have faith, a mindset and this mindset does move mountains

I became the founder of the Institute of applied intelligence. The motivational speaker and author teaching these manifestations of faith. First in my mind but now it has started to manifest. 

Teaching that we have the power to create and we do so daily. Sometimes it is by default by the affirmations that we speak and hear. We need to start creating deliberately.

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Willie Beetge


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